Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doubly Cursed -- at Least!

As already mentioned, we knew this marriage was doomed from the start because Eva made the ill-advised decision to take Tony’s name.

Now we learn that Eva has three Tony-inspired tattoos!  Their wedding date is on the inside of her wrist.  His jersey number is on the back of her neck.  And his initials are hiding in an undisclosed location.  (Interestingly, Tony is known to have tattoos for the wedding date and his own jersey number as well.  Does that mean he has a tattoo of his own initials somewhere?)

Tattooing your lover’s identifying information is a well-known relationship curse!  What else did you do to condemn your marriage to failure, Eva?  Get married under a ladder while smashing a mirror?

It turns out Eva has a pre-nup.  And we all know what a marriage curse that is!

Incidentally, it seems that Tony had hired his best friend’s divorce lawyer to represent him.  Cool beans!  Dudes who divorce together change course together.


Tony’s “best friend” is Brent Barry.  Whose wife is Erin Barry.  Whose texts with Tony are what brought Eva to this brink in the first place.

It’s exactly the sort of switcharoo that made The Practice such a success.  Unfortunately, Tony filed for divorce in Texas, not Boston.  The minute the connection came to light, his lawyer fired him. 

Surely hiring the lawyer of your emotional affair partner’s partner is bad mojo, right?

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