Friday, November 19, 2010

The Superstition of Matrimonial Success

Pity the poor prenuptial agreement.  So maligned and misunderstood, it sits by its lonesome, wanting desperately to help, but rarely called from the bench except in trick plays or uneven contests.

Most people reject the notion of a prenup as “cynical.”  Signing a prenup requires you to consider the possibility of divorce.  And, as everyone knows, “we don’t do divorce.”

And here is where the fabric of space and time fray to make room to accommodate two separate universes in a single reality:  the vast universe of people for whom divorce is not an option, and the vast universe of people who get divorced.

I had a friend who informed her future husband that she would absolutely, positively, never sign a prenup.  She relayed this to me over dinner as we discussed the details of her divorce proceedings and alimony negotiations (which, we must assume, would not have been necessary, had she elected to sign a prenup).

People imbue prenups with far more power than they actually have.  Signing a prenup means that you believe your marriage will end in divorce.

Ergo, refuse to sign a prenup, and your marriage will be inoculated from divorce.  Hurray!

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