Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

Just before the Breakup Watch management team departed for their holiday retreat in Cabo, they left us interns with strict instructions to maintain the blog and post new entries.  Check the date of the last entry to see how that went.  Anyway, we think we’re sober enough now to eek something out before Management gets back.

Did you see that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married?  Yes, I know it was practically a month ago!  That’s not important.  I’m sure to Nicole and Joel it’s still fresh, just as it should be to you, too.

Anyway, no one thought these two would ever make it this far.  After all, this is Paris Hilton’s best bud and partner in getting-paid-for-being-clueless-while-making-everyone-else-feel-like-saps-for-working-to-pay-the-bills.  Going maternal just doesn’t seem to be what that set does.  I suspect many of them keep surrogates in the same way that Victorian women of means kept wet-nurses.

But then Nicole sort of dropped Paris and went all flower child on us!  (Not really, of course.  Her tie-dye dresses and headbands came from Rodeo Drive.)  And not only did Nicole and Joel had a baby, but they had two of them!  On purpose, apparently.

Then they finally got married.  In Lionel Richie’s backyard.  With an elephant!  And now to celebrate it, Nicole has been released from her latest DUI probation two months earlier than expected.

Oddly enough, I what to think these two have a shot at success.  Joel seems to have a healthy, grounding effect on Nicole.  And I’ll bet that Nicole, as an adoptee, takes the role of motherhood (and family, by extension) very, very seriously. 

On the other hand, their contrasting backgrounds and wealth still threaten to get in their way.  And there are certain risks inherent in being a convicted substance abuser and the tattooed pop punk musician. 

Finally, of course, the care and feeding of a trained elephant can be expensive and stressful.

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