Monday, December 13, 2010

Elizabeth Hurley: Back on Familiar Ground

Elizabeth Hurley announced via Twitter that she and her husband are separated.  I repeat:  she announced her breakup via Twitter.  The announcement comes after paparazzi caught her doing the walk of shame as she exited the hotel of a famous cricket player whose name I cannot remember.

Liz is not known for making stellar choices in men.  First there was Hugh Grant.  They made such a beautiful couple!  But they dated for 13 years.  And not in a Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell life partnership way.  More in a one-of-us-is-more-committed-than-the-other way.  Then Hugh got nabbed for soliciting the services of a prostitute.  I repeat:  Elizabeth Hurley’s boyfriend sought a blow job from a streetwalker.

After they finally broke up, Liz announced she was expecting a baby.  She was 36, and we all assumed she was just following the dictates of her biological clock.  Unfortunately for Liz, her baby daddy refused to acknowledge the child.  I repeat:  the guy tried to deny that he had sex with Elizabeth Hurley.

Then Liz found love in the form of businessman and textile heir Arun Nayar.  Our Liz finally got married!  In extravagant ceremonies in both Britain and India.  Three years later, the walk of shame.  And that’s all we know.

The dude Liz spent the night with?  Apparently both a cricket player and a player player. We can’t help but wonder what would send a woman with Liz’s history into the arms of a notorious womanizer.  The answer appears to be:  familiarity.  When it comes to romance, Liz is most accustomed to being in a relationship with a man who isn’t putting as much into it as she is. 

It’s possible that Arun was just one more of those under-performing dudes, and that made Liz susceptible to the cricket player’s charms.  On the other hand, Liz and Arun were only married for three years, and Liz has shown she has way more staying power than that.  So maybe Arun was the break from the pattern, a truly loving partner.  And maybe Liz just didn’t know how to work with that.  So maybe she just scurried back to her comfort zone.  You think?

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