Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Anania Edwards (1949 – 2010)

Elizabeth Edwards lost her 17-year-old son in 1996.  In 2004, she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation therapy to treat breast cancer.  Three years later, doctors discovered the cancer had returned and had spread to her bones, making it inoperable.  In 2008, the world learned of her husband's affair after he fled the press while visiting his former mistress and her young child.  In early 2010, her husband admitted that that young child was in fact his.  Following this revelation, his mistress informed the world that the two of them had actively planned the life they would build together once Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer. Whereupon Elizabeth initiated legal separation, which is required in her state before filing for divorce.

Elizabeth Edwards was a practicing Christian, and so she was probably banking on being in a better place after death than she had so far enjoyed.  Certainly her children and many others who have admired her strength and grace fervently pray that Elizabeth's afterlife is filled with peace, love, and happiness.  One can only hope her children take comfort in that prospect and that their memories of their mother’s love and the spirit serve as a beacon as they forge ahead in this life without her.

Rest in peace, Elizabeth.

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