Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

DO make the effort to spend as much time together as possible.  Quality time isn’t the issue.  Shop for groceries together.  Go on car rides together.  Make dinner together.  Long, romantic walks.  Date nights.  Home improvement projects.  And, of course, making love.

DO show affection regularly and frequently.  Kiss when you wake up.  Kiss before you go to bed.  Kiss before parting.  Kiss upon reunioning.  Kiss to show approval, or gratitude, or conciliation.

DO function as a partnership.  Make decisions together.  Plan together.  Negotiate, compromise, search for the win-win.

DON’T exclaim, in response to your wife’s observation that Jennifer Jason Leigh is divorcing:  “Dang!  Isn’t timing a bitch?  I’m beginning to think that Jennifer and I will never be single at the same time!”  Don’t do that.

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Anonymous said...

And when your wife responds, "You're an inspiration to me", she might not mean it the way you think.

raederle said...

I have always loved to go grocery shopping with my guy. It's better than a movie because we can talk and giggle and not annoy everyone around us. I'm all about the time, not the activity.

Gwen Stewart said...

When you attend in a marriage counseling the counselor always said that one element that makes a stronger and healthier relations aside from LOVE is the TIME you spend together in that way both of you share your thoughts and feelings.