Saturday, November 27, 2010

Congressman Breaks Up With His Chief-of-Staff

Representative Steve Rothman fired his chief-of-staff last week after Robert Decheine was caught in a police sting trying to hook up with a 15-year-old girl.  What Decheine didn’t realize was that he was not wooing a schoolgirl with his phone calls and text messages, but with a police detective.  He has been arrested on charges of soliciting sex from a minor.

According to the Gaithersburg Police Department, Decheine answered an internet advertisement that put him in phone, email, and text communication with a young woman, who at some point revealed she was 15-years-old.  Decheine continued communicating with her, eventually agreeing on a time and place to meet for the purpose of sex.

So let’s get this out there:  the news media isn’t saying so, but Decheine was obviously soliciting a prostitute.  It’s hard to say from here whether he was specifically seeking an underaged girl, but it’s clear that once he found out she was underage, he didn’t go back to the internet to look for an older, wiser prostitute.

One hopes Decheine’s wife has as much sense as his boss and breaks up with him immediately.

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